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This is a basic information about me, the girl behind this site.


Name: Cinthya

Nicks: Cin

Birthday: May 5

Age: 24

Location: México

Contact: fantasy.real @ gmail [dot] com
Sites: Inspired Colors - My Domain and collective.

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         Mythical - A Harry Potter Directory.

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HP  F a v o r i t e s


Character: Ron, Harry and Weasley Twins.

Shipper: Ron and Hermine (they are the perfect couple, no matter what people say)



I n t e r e s t e s


Actors: Rupert Grint (of course), Wentworth Miller, Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Tom Welling, Daniel Raddclife, Mike He, Robert Pattinson.

Actresses: Liv Tyler, Keira Knightley, Julia Stiles, Christina Ricci, Jena Malone, Kirsten Dunst, Cate Blanchet, Nicole Kidman, Lindsay Lohan.

Movies: The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Harry Potter Series, Ever After, 10 Things I Hate About You, The Good Son, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, Edward Scissorhands, X-Men 2-3, The Last Samurai, Cheaper by the Dozen, The Neverending Story, A Walk to Remember, The Man Who Cried, What's Eating Gilbert Grape, Sleepy Hollow, Lilo & Stich, The Lion King, Finding Nemo, From Hell, Chocolat, Rain Man, My Girl.

Shows: Grey's anatomy, Prison Break, Desperate Housewives, Smallville, LOST, Malcolm in the Middle, Six Feet Under.